October 12, 2009

Transform Your Vista To Windows 7: The Ultimate Collection of Themes & Other Extras

Its no wonder that people all around the world are loving Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 7 very much for various reason. Among them Windows 7's visual outlook is main i think. You know- Love in 1st Sight! but what happens when you are a Windows Vista user? Is there any way to solve this problem? Is it is possible to get the visual outlook of Windows 7 in vista?
The answer is YES. Actually theres nothing impossible in modern computing arena. So this this the time to turn your Windows Vista to Windows Seven by some themes which are the Best Windows 7 look-like theme for Windows Vista. I collected and bring all the best Windows 7 themes and other items for your Windows Vista to totally change your Windows Vista. All the themes are free to download and they are supporting aero feature perfectly.

7 Transformation Pack v4.0 for Windows Vista
Surely Seven Transformation Pack's are the best and easiest tool to give your windows vista a perfect windows 7 like look. Previously i provide you 3rd version of seven transformation pack, now i came with 4th and most perfect windows 7 customization tool.
Windows 7 Transformation Pack will transform your entire Windows explorer user interface, including a 7 like Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style/Theme, as well as new icons, wallpapers and much more. The latest version is 4.0 released on November 29th, 2009.
It Works on Windows XP, Windows 2003 & Windwos Vista.
Windows 7 Transformation Pack Features:
•Boot screen
•Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
•New msstyles files (visual styles)
•New desktop and file icons
•New toolbar icons
•Progress Dialogs
•Sounds scheme
•System Tray icons
•New Wallpapers
•Some Windows 7's popular features
•And much more
Version 4.0 New Features:
- Featured Windows Vista enhancements
- x64 system files modification
- Localization support
- Major updates in 3rd-party applications ..read more
Major Updates Form Version 3.0 are-
- Added giannisgx89's "Windows 7" visual style for Windows Vista
- Added localization support with some fixes in wording and correction (You can modify vilang.sif for program to read in other languages. It may not work on languages with IME unicode charset though)
-Added more system files modification for Windows Vista
-  Shell Elements (Start Menu, Explorer)
- Startup Animation
- Tray Icons Set
Download 7 Transformation Pack v4 For Win XP/Vista

Windows 7 Style For Vista

Please Note: Themes can only be installed on the operating systems if a system file has been properly patched that locks third party themes from being installed. A link to the uxtheme.dll patcher is given below:
Windows Vista: uxtheme.dll Patcher.
You can download the 1 click uxtheme patching tool utility From HERE

Windows 7 Transformation Pack 3.0(Supports XP Too)
All Previous Windows 7 Transformation packs supports only XP or Vista but this latest release supports vista as well as XP and 2003.
Windows 7 Transformation Pack aka Seven Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface, including a 7-themed Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style, as well as new icons, wallpapers, and more. The latest version is 3.0 released on September 9th, 2009
Transformation Pack Features:
1. Boot screen
2. Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
3. New msstyles files (visual styles)
4. New desktop and file icons
5. New toolbar icons
6. Progress Dialogs
7. Sounds scheme
8. System Tray icons
9. New Wallpapers
10. Some Windows 7’s popular features
11. And much more
Download 7TPv3

Windows 8 Theme(7282 RC)

Change Log:
-Group Taskbar mode.
-Super Glassy Look at Start menu Panel.
-New Windows 8 Orb.
-Now you can have ObjectDock Windows 8 Style (Included)
-New Screen shot.
- 8 Wallpapers.
- Windows 8 Start (New Style/ no more orbs).
- Windows 8 Longhorn Style Explorer.
- Windows 8 Logon Screen Style.
- Windows 8 System Properties.
- Taskbar Properties.
- Quick launch blue hovering(pinned feel).
- Taskbar Icon blue hovering(pinned feel).
- Taskbar Folder group will be Library Icon.
- Taskbar Group Size in 3 to be iconize.
- Shut down Button Startmenu( 7 Styler).
- New Search (7 Styler).
- Windows 8 (7 Styler) User Icon.
- Explorer Library Icon (7 Styler).

Windows 8 Superbar Theme
-New Start orb has glow.
-The taskbar is made double size to perform like Windows 7 Super Taskbar (No More Superbar).
-Use Tclock Lite to have Windows 7 Clock and Date.
-Use the PEEK included to perform the Peek Mode (Without transparent)

Royal Blue Theme
The Royale Theme For Vista zip file contains :
1) Royale zip file
2) Royale Wallpapers
3) VistaGlazz Vista Beta 3 stand-alone utility.
4) Matching Royale Logon Screen.
5) Instructions.
How to install:
Simply follow the instruction file.It is so easy to use.
To Download Windows 7 Theme For Your XP Click Here

Windows 7 Boot Screen For Your Vista
As we all know that Windows 7 contains a new animated boot screen which shows animated items/balls that come together to form Windows logo.If you want to enjoy the same boot screen in Windows XP or Vista, then here is a boot screens for Windows XP and Vista which look very similar to Windows 7 boot screen.
Note: You need Tuneup Utilities to use theme boot screen.

Logon Screen:
1.Aero Clarity

2.Greenish Logon

3.Aero Daisy

**Note You need to use LogonStudio Vista to install these logon screens.You can Download it From Here

Wanna use Windows 7 Themes on your Windows Vista. details Stpe by step procedure HERE.


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