May 3, 2010

Commodore 64 Basic Theme For Windows 7 Download

Way back in the Mesozoic era of computing (also known as the early 1980s), people didn't have slick little netbooks or big, powerful desktops. Businesses that used computers at all generally relied on Unix servers or ancient mainframes driving terminals at employees' workstations. Meanwhile, home users could choose from a narrow assortment of systems, none of which bear much resemblance to the array of computers for sale today; and one of the most popular models back then was the Commodore 64.
The makers of the C-64 included a hard-coded copy of BASIC on its internal ROM so you wouldn't have to boot from a 5.25-inch floppy disk, as you did with most contemporaneous PCs. The machine had a generous 64 kilobytes of memory, and you loaded programs into it from a tape drive--eventually to be superseded by a painfully slow floppy disk drive (the legendary 1541).

Now-a-days you’ve just got your brand new PC running a fresh new copy of Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Yet you don’t like the clean UI, the aero effects and fancy graphics, it’s all just too much for you. Well maybe you would prefer something a bit more dated, I’m not talking about Windows XP, or even Windows 2000 for that matter, no I’m talking about a Commodore 64. Well if you want to take a step back in time and make your new Windows 7 machine look like the Commodore 64 here’s how to do so.

Simply download the Commodore 64 Themepack and double-click on it, ignore any scary Windows 7 alerts (we promise, the file is innocuous), and let it fly. The theme doesn't contain any sound because unless you actually told the Commodore 64 to make noise, it was a pretty quiet machine.

It contains 3 background wallpapers the recreate the look of the old C-64 screen. It also has desktop icons for your User folder (a miniature C-64 screen); your My Computer link (a C-64 computer), and Recycle Bin (that 1541 floppy drive-the green LED illuminates when the Recycle Bin contains something). The window colors re-create the beige of the C-64’s casing, and the system font should look familiar to any C-64 user. You will also find some of the fonts change to big black bold writing as well.
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