July 27, 2010

Splinter Cell Windows 7 Gaming Theme

Gaming themes for the Windows OS is always highly appreciated by the hardcore gamers. I also try to be updated on gaming themes for my visitors. Another Gaming free Windwos 7 theme today.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a critically acclaimed 3D action-adventure stealth video game. Splinter Cell  sends you, as operative Sam Fisher, around the globe on numerous highly secretive and very dangerous assignments. It all goes down like something straight out of a Hollywood action thriller, replete with an intro set to alternative music and big-budget special effects featuring quite possibly the best lighting effects seen on the PC to date. At its core, it's a truly great action game.
This is the Exclusive Windows 7 Splinter Cell Games Theme. I hope you all try it and customize your Windows 7 according to the game.
Splinter Cell Gaming Theme for Windows 7 Contains:
- 5 Splinter Cell Games wallpaper set.
- Splinter Cell Games start menu.
- Splinter Cell Games windows explorer.
How To Install Splinter Cell Games Theme:
Copy Splinter Cell Folder and Splinter Cell theme file to C:\Windows\Resources\Theme and then apply.


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