August 25, 2010

Best Windows Vista Theme Collection Free Download

Though Windows Vista is not considered as the best programes by Microsoft but still lot of people are using it because of the mass brand value and advertisement by them. Previously i give only Windows 7 Transformation Themes for vista but this time again these themes are top class and rated very high all over the net. I collect these top windows vista desktop themes and give you the best links only. Hope you like it.

--> Before you apply any themes please patch you Windows.You can find details HERE.
--> To Know more about how to do to install theme perfectly CLICK HERE.

SteelFlash Final Theme for Vista
SteelFlash is a professional and elegant visual style for Windows Vista, with calm colors and style. Its one of the most popular windows vista clear theme.
It is one of the most customizable visual style for Windows Vista because of a revolutionary mode to modify the parts of the visual style.
SteelFlash final Windows Vista Theme
Steel Flash Final Theme Contains:
- 2 Visual Styles: SteelFlash Final (2008) and SteelFlash 100k (2009)
- Patchers to change many parts of the visual style.
- SteelFlash CdArtDisplay CAD Skin
- Windows Vista x86 (32bit) / x64 (64bit) compatible.
- 2 Sidebar Styles
- 3 Logon Screens
- Different Taskbars Patchers
- Taskbar Button Styles Patchers
- Context Buttons Styles Patchers
- Start Buttons Patchers
- Windows Media Player GUI and taskbar styles (x86)
- Additional required fonts.
For the details please refear to the included Readme file, with tips for the folders and files.

Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista
It is now very common to use Windows 7 in Windows XP or Vista system. Because the outlook of Windows 7 is far better than previous Windows. So here we go. nice looking Windows 7 theme for your Windows Vista. Check it out.
Windows 7 theme for vista
Windows 7 Vista Theme Changes:
It make your Windows Vista like 7. Its also a windows vista clear theme. Upgrades over the previous themes are-
Taskbar buttons
Some small fixes
Windows explorer borders more like Windows 7
Fixed Start Menu Shutdown/Lock Buttons ( no more bugs!).
Windows media Player 12 skin.
How To Use:
To use this style just copy and paste the Windows 7 folder to this location:
Then just click on the Windows 7.msstyle and apply the style. Extra items need to be installed separately. Browse and read the instructions files carefully.

Aero Shine Vista Theme
Another Windows vista clear theme- it is called aero shine theme for vista.
Aero Shine Windows Vista Theme

How To Use Aero Shine Theme:
To use custom visual styles you need to patch your system, via VistaGlazz, TuneUp Utilities or the files inside the package manually.
Next unpack "Shine" folder in "Style" to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (where C is the partition with Windows installed)
Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file, or via 'Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance.

Mac OS X Vista Theme
Nothing like apple. true Windows lovers also know that. And mac definately has something special. Thats why many Windows users always wish to use MAC theme on their Windows. So its for Windows Vista User- Mac OS X theme.
Vista MAC OS X Theme Download 

NEXT Level Theme
Next Level Theme Package contains:
NEXTLevel visual style in 2 versions:
- modern taskbar
- alternate classic taskbar
- Matching nature wallpaper (dual monitor versions available) for widescreen & fullscreen.
To use custom visual styles you need to patch your system.
Next unpack 'NEXTLevel' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (where C is the partition with Windows installed)
Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file, or via 'Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance'

Turquoise Vista Theme
Free windows vista theme download

SlanXP Edition 3
slan xp free vista theme

ProjectX 2 Theme
project x vista free theme
It Includes:
-Visual Style - any version of Windows Vista (32bit or 64bit)
-browseui.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-and shell32.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-Installation Instructions
After applying the Visual Style, set your color to "Graphite" and your color intensity control to about 5-10% (real low). The reason is even though the borders are made black, Vista still adds a very slight tint to the default color.

Transblack Final v1 Theme
1st patch ur windows file.put the folder in the windows>resources>themes folder
then go in personalize>window color and apparence then open classic appearance properties to change it.
The browseui.dll i recommend to use either total commandor or restorator to change it, its located in windows>system32 folder, in restorator just run it as administrator open the browseui.dll from my theme, and replace it (make a backup of the old one, i think restorator do that for u) and it should work after u restart explorer.

Satin2 Theme

NV2 Final Theme

Auriel Vista Port
                      Download Auriel Vista Port Theme
It Contains:
-6 Styles total (32 or 64bit)
-Browseui.dll (32bit SP1 only)
Note:If the Start Button does not display correctly when you first apply the style, log off, then log back on. Also, make sure you use 96dpi.

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